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Get your racket restrung 10 times and receive your next restring at half price.

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Welcome to ProStringing.


ProStringing is an independent high street and home based racket stringing service in Surrey, specialising in tennis racket stringing and tennis racket customisation services.


Having your racket serviced by us enables you to receive the same high level stringing service and customising options that we have provided for many of the world's top players.


We are members of the European Racket Stringers Association (ERSA) and have Master Racket Technician status as well as being one of only 4 holders of the highest level Pro Tour Stringer Certification in the UK. We have also been members of the Babolat Official Stringers Team since its inception in 2010.


We are based in Weybridge, Surrey, and also offer a mail order service for those not local to our area.


We are highly experienced and capable of providing a top quality service for all levels of player. Check out the services that we offer, and let us demonstrate the quality of our work.



Need Advice?


If you have any questions on any aspects of tennis strings, rackets or equipment then please contact us.

We can advise you on what string types and/or tension would suit you best, whether you are getting the most out of your current tennis racket, or whether your two identical looking rackets actually play the same.

Having owned and tested a vast number of rackets, strings and tensions, means that we can help you find the perfect solution for YOUR game.

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